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So remember when I posted that gorgeous duvet cover I loved but thought was way too pricey? Remember? And all y'all were like:
You should buy it! $250 isn't too much to pay for a comforter. It's on sale; it's actually worth a lot more than that. And besides, it's organic - you care about the environment, right? Well then why aren't you buying organic bedding, what kind of person ARE you?!?!?

Or maybe that was me...

In any case, I'm glad I didn't take the advice of whatever crazy person that was, because last week I was wandering down Chestnut Street wondering what to eat for lunch and I walked into West Elm to escape the heat and there it was: Everything the other comforter was but better
  • One big bold print instead of a smaller all-over pattern
  • Organic - Because after all I do care about the environment, and my health
  • King size - to eliminate the war of the covers (thanks Lee for the tip!)
  • Neutral background (but not white) - because really, who wants to deal with white bedding?
  • On sale for $40 - you know, less than a sixth of the price of the other one...
yes, it's wrinkled; if you're interested in popping over to iron my sheets, please, feel free.

Oh, and to the left is Brad's nightstand that I stained and painted. Project details to come later...


SarahSpell said...

I like this one better ;)

Leslie Beth said...

It looks great! And the nightstand looks like an high-end piece now.

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