The full monty

The project in the sneak peek has reached its new owner so now you get to see the whole thing! It's a baby quilt; the second I've made. I'm pretty sure it took me longer, but, having done it before, I think my piecing (and definitely my binding) was better. I've got 3 more wee ones making their debut starting in January, so I gots lots more of these to do (assuming we consider 3 to be "lots").



For a place that sells such awesome fabric, the Marimekko store in New York has a surprisingly non-awesome system (if you could call bolts of fabric lying horizontally on top of each other a "system") for displaying its fabric. After much tugging and shoving, this fabric came home with me (all the way on the Bolt Bus, which is a surprisingly pleasant way to travel)......and ended up on the dining room (ok, it's more of a dining area) wall.

Note to self: Stretcher bars don't automatically align themselves at a right angle. Sometimes they must be beaten into submission. Also, you should really center that light fixture someday.

A sneak peek...

... of a non-house project I just finished. More pics after it gets to its new owner's momma.


Not-so-secret crushes

Organic "Ogee" fabric from Tonic Living - would make fab pillows for the bedroom.

Twist Stool from Overstock (and a bunch of other places) - would totally complement my new pseudo-Nakashima table.

Life pillow from CB2 - would be perfect in the living room (except that when you have a perfectly good sewing machine and fabric for days, and more pillow forms than you really need, it's hard to justify buying a $25 pillow - even if it is fabulous)


It's not that I'm embarassed by the laundry room ductwork and pipes...

...it's just that I'd rather look at this...

...instead of this...
...when I'm doing laundry.


This is how I want our bedroom to feel...

image from DesignSponge

Needless to say, it does not feel like this (and won't ever, if the kitties have anything to say about it).


Oh shellac, how do I love thee?

Let me count the ways:



3)I could go on, but I should probably stop at 3...