Ladies and Gentlemen...

...we've got a backsplash! (and range hood).

the backsplash is courtesy of tweedledumber, who tried to weasel out of cutting the tile to fit around the edges at the underside of the cabinets. instead, she wanted to put up some sort of molding between the base of the wall cabinets and the backsplash tiles - though she kept reiterating that she would do "whatever we were comfortable with".

so then why are you even asking us about this molding ???
dude, if we'd wanted molding, we would've asked for it.
we wanted tile, we bought tile; put up the cotton-picking tile!!!
I don't care if it's hard to cut; that's part of the job, so cut it and shut it!!!

tweedledumb in the meantime came by yesterday to install the stair rails he claims to have been "working on at home" for weeks... a brief summary of a lunchtime phone conversation just about sums it up:

me: so are we getting new stair rails today?

the hub: well, he and his helper are here but so far they've just been the in "backyard" cutting and sanding stuff. I don't know what he's been working on at home this whole time.

me: I know what he's been doing - [to quote my niece] NO-THIIIIIIIIIIIIING.


SarahSpell said...

It looks great! Sorry about dealing with idiots...

creativeneurosis said...

by "great" do you mean it looks like a "super modern showroom kitchen"??


Helen said...

Wow, this is beautiful. You have great taste! Come help us decide stuff.

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