My current obsession

Apparently I have way too much time on my hands, which is odd because it's not like there isn't tons of work for me to do around the house and... you know at work. But I digress... In this copious free time I've been obsessing about knobs for my nightstand. I can't seem to commit; anyone care to weigh in? (because, naturally you also also have too much time on your hands and want to squander some of it with me)


Chivonne said...

You are absolutely correct, you have WAAAAYY too much time on your hands. I am swamped with my packing and feeling ENTIRELY overwhelmed. So why don't you come on up and help me with the boxes. This is my final offer, as I move this weekend. BTW, I did vote but had to do it QUICK since "faasisha" who sits behind me, thinks it is a part of her job description to sneakingly try to see what I am doing. Oh BROTHER!!!!

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