Night Stands

Inspired by this project from PennyPeopleDesigns (not to mention the price of new wooden nightstands, and the underwhelming pickings at our usual 2nd-hand haunts), I decided to re-do 2 Ikea nightstands for our bedroom.
I originally planned to stain Brad's with Ikea's Antique Stain, and make mine sort of like the one in the project. However, the Ikea stain left a lot to be desired and Brad really liked the mahogany stain on mine, so now he's getting the project knockoff - the knobs will be basic stainless steel not ring pulls. Here's an in-progress shot of his:

Mine's currently shedding the ikea stain. It'll be similar but with chocolate brown paint instead of mahogany stain For some reason, painting furniture is harder than painting walls, I have no idea why. But in any case, stay tuned for more.


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