Hole Tour

Today I'm taking you on a tour of the various random holes in our house.

First up, here's a hole in our bedroom ceiling (ruining our paint job, grrr). This one's the result of a leaky pipe in the third floor bathroom. Funny story about that hole: When we bought the house we knew the faucet for the third floor bathtub didn't work. So we had it fixed after closing. Well, the plumber apparently didn't quite fix it because when we went to test it, we could turn the tap on, but not off. We eventually had to use the newly cut access panel (see hole below) to turn it off. After that whole fiasco, we notice a drip on first floor. Yes, you read right, not the second floor. A leaky pipe on the third floor caused a drip through the second floor wall and down to the first floor. Which brings us back to the hole above. In a sense, it was actually a good thing that the plumber screwed up the faucet job because otherwise it would've been a nice long while before we discovered the leak. But it was still annoying as hell.

This hole's less exciting than the 2 above. It's in my craft room closet . We didn't even know the craft room had a closet until the home inspector pointed it out. Of course 5 seconds later he pointed out that water has been leaking into it from the roof. So it was like: "woo-hoo, we have a closet.... oh crap, it has mold in it". Hmmm, maybe this hole's story is as exciting as the other 2. In any case, they'll all be gone before we move on Memorial Day weekend, at least they better be if the contractor knows what's good for him.


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