Because I need MORE projects...

We picked up this dining table (sans chairs) off craigslist on a bit of a whim. It's solid mahogany and seats 6, which is what we were looking for. The top's got a fair number of scratches though, but since I'd been thinking about getting a power sander and refinishing some other furniture, we figured why not. That said, I think it'll take a lot more than a power sander to get the varnish off this puppy. I think we're gonna wait to see how my refinishing turns out before looking for chairs. We don't want it to be super formal so I think we'd need to get some very mod chairs or (more likely) pick up a mish-mosh of mismatched chairs in the same stain and re-upholster all the seats in the same fabric.


Leslie Beth said...

Howard said to try paint stripper for varnish removal. Then use a palm sander.

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