I'M BA-ACK!!!!

Explanations, shexplations, I didn't post for a while, now I'm posting again. Nuff said. Now on to what you've missed:

The kitchen, she is almost finished. Need to install backsplash, range hood and new dishwasher - the old one is kerplunkt and it makes more sense to buy a new one than to pay $300 to fix it. I know what you're saying - for $300 you could buy a whole new dishwasher; but you're wrong. Well, you could buy a new 24" dishwasher, but alas our kitchen was designed around an 18" dishwasher and somehow, despite the fact that they're SMALLER, 18" dishwashers cost more. Still, it makes more sense to buy a new one than to repair the old one.

Also needed: a couple adjustments to base cabinet doors, spice racks, and a paint job. We're getting there.... Before and during photos here and here.


Helen said...

Wow, very nice! Looks like you've been cooking there already, too!

creativeneurosis said...

Yea, we've been cooking since we moved in. It's useable, it's just not "done".

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