Again with the lights

Apparently, besides cabinets, all we've bought for the house so far is lighting. I happened upon the light fixture on the cover of this book in a store on Pine Street. There's a nick in one of the mylar sheets so it was severely discounted. So I call Brad to get his opinion and the store folks suggested that rather than coming to the store later, he could look up the book cover on Amazon.

He wasn't feeling it. He said it looked like "that one at Ikea". (btw, it is WAY cooler than the one at Ikea). So I didn't get it (boooo).

Then we decide I should get it for the craft room (YAY!) and I go back about a week later. When I tell the store owner I want to buy it, he responds "No! You can't buy it; he doesn't like it. He thinks it looks like the one at Ikea". It was funny. Maybe you had to be there...

In any case, this is the light that's going over my chair (the chair Laney currently thinks is hers) in the craft room. And apparently I have a lighting fetish (who knew?).

Image from Amazon.com


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